Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games- Movie/Book Review

Brief Synopsis- In the future, America is separated into twelve districts called Panem.  Each year, every district brings forth two young citizens to compete in The Hunger Games. It is a fight to the death until there is only one left. Katniss must fight to live or she will never see her family again. Peeta wants to fight for Katniss' life. Having to always be prepared to fight, they will do anything it takes to win.

Book Review- This book is really fun and suspenseful. It has a great plot and interesting characters. Because of The Hunger Games becoming so popular, there are dystopian fiction novels wherever you look.  The Uglies series came long before The Hunger Games though, and I find the Uglies books to be more compelling than THG.  I finished this book in less than a day and couldn't put it down. If you are interested in it, you should read it.

My Rating- 7 out of 10

Movie Review- The casting in this movie is beyond amazing (except for Gale). Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss and she is so amazingly perfect in that role, I can't imagine anyone else playing her.  I also really enjoyed the characters of Cinna, Effie, Haymitch and Seneca Crane (and don't forget the girl from Orphan!). Josh Hutcherson was good,  but I just can't help but always see the boy from Bridge to Terabithia when I look at him, not some teen heartthrob.  Now on to Gale, I thought he was not the right choice at all. If you look up who was also seriously considered, Drew Roy is on the list who you probably don't know but if you look him up you will know why I wish they had cast him.  The camera work in it was really great and different, I really thought they did a great job with that.  The special effects are crazy too.  I don't recommend seeing this before you read the book because you won't understand anything.  It will please fans of the book like me, and hopefully get people to read the book if they haven't.

My Rating- 9 out of 10

Mini Rant- Listen all of you Twihards. This is NOT Twilight. There are NOT teams. Quit saying you are Team Peeta or Team Gale. It's not a love story. I'm Team Stop Being Annoying.

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