Friday, March 30, 2012

Final Friday :(

unfortunately this is the LAST blog post to go up on this site so we have a bit of a sad feeling today :(, so lets get started and remember, We will carry on posting at:!!

So, onto the first piece of news and this is quite intriguing, If you have played unreal tournament or any game using the unreal game engine then you want to hear this: the FBI and other US government agencies have decided to license the game engine and to use this game engine to train agents in combat! That sounds amazingly cool and fun so I'll keep you guys updated

Raspberry pi's have come under fire after the problem with the wrong jack being attached to the circuit board another problem has been unveiled and buyers will have to face further delays with receiving their pi's which is becoming a problem as more and more and I feel sorta glad right now that I didn't get one but I hope it gets better because I WANT ONE!

Next we have some RIM news, this from the makers of blackberry and they are deciding that after 1st quarter losses to concentrate on the corporate side of the market and not the average consumers and this is bad news to everyone that wanted a smartphone and also wanted to have a keyboard they've decided that Android and Apple are putting up too much competition so they're bailing out.

That's it over here, forever :( so come join us at: from now on!

Question of the day: what will you be doing to replace your blackberry when it dies?

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