Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PCSim PC Simulator

Ah yes it's another pointless, paid and frankly useless app. This app is (as it says) "98% accuracy of a real PC." This app is if you don't mind paying $1.99 (£1.69) for remembering what the olden days were like. This app includes a floppy drive and if you shake your phone you will break the computer! Pros: relatively realistic with the blue screen of death, cheaper than a real PC, you can customize the background, It makes the same annoying beeps as the old computers and there are some parts that are quite nice like connecting to dial-up. Cons: too expensive, blue screen of death is 90% guaranteed, no real purpose to this app, gets boring soon. Overall this isn't that bad an app but you can't do much and there's no real point getting it due to the price.

George's Rating: 6/10
Justin's Rating: 5/10
Overall Rating: 11/20

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