Friday, February 3, 2012

BBC IPlayer

This app is for the larger portion of viewers that are in the UK. This app allows you to watch any TV show up to 7 days after it has aired on any IDevice. Pros: good UI therefore easy to use, works with 3G so you can watch anywhere, you can watch LIVE TV and you can set favorite programs that you will get notified when there is a new episode available. Cons: There are no retina graphics on the display itself so the bars are a bit pixelated and it can get laggy at times but that is usually down to internet connection. Overall it is a brilliant app for anyone in the UK and therefore I will also be the only one rating it but besides that this is an excellent app you can watch all of your TV on if you are moving and therefore don't have your TV.

George's Rating: 9/10
Justin's Rating: UA
Overall Rating: 18/20

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