Sunday, January 1, 2012


So then first of the new year here we go. Snapseed the app that goes one better than instagram. It IS paid BUT today and today only it's free so hurry up go and get it! So lets get into it. Pros: Easy to use, loads of features, you can do either quick auto correction or you can make dramatic and amazing changes, It is worth the $5.99 (£3.99) you pay for it if not purchased on the day of this review and to top it all off it won IPad app of the year.Cons another one i'm going to struggle with as this is a very very good app even for beginners it is amazing but simple at the same time. I guess the problem with it is that there are no problems. Overall it's an amazing app and you definately should get it even if its just because it's free.

George's Rating: 10/10
Justin's Rating: 7/10
Overall Rating: 17/20

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