Friday, March 16, 2012

Watery Apples Glitch Tesco Causing 4G In The UK And The Invention Of Un-Printing

So there's been a lot going on this week and I'm writing this on Wednesday so this will mean loads of stuff and loads of fun! Let's get cracking!

First a quick bit of Apple news and that is that other the fact that the new iPad and the new Apple TV are both coming out today the 25 millionth app was downloaded and it was the game "Where's My Water?" this will be the first (and last) game we will review and will be linked once done as it was the 25 millionth app.

Out of Apple news, I always find hacking something that is very interesting and although it's illegal, I sometimes wonder if it is done to express how people are feeling to everyone all at the same time. I am NOT saying hacking is good as it definitely is NOT legal. But on this subject there has been a few bits of news. Firstly, a week or so ago a hacking group was hacked, But more importantly Anonymous a hacking group apparently released an OS for computers based on linux which you can download here. Why am I talking about this? The authorities  have been warning that it may contain viruses etc. So if you do download this be VERY careful with it! Also the "Official" Anonymous group have said nothing about this OS so be extra careful!

In tech news people in the UK will want to know about, Tesco had a glitch on their website advertising the new iPad for just £49.99 (Approximately $78) which for the new iPad is slightly cheap, they have said the

"We like to offer our customers unbeatable value, but unfortunately this is an IT error that is currently being corrected."
Meaning it wasn't meant to happen and no one had their money taken from them so it will be fixed with no problems.

Another thing happening in the UK and that is that by the end of this year we might get 4G! This will be provided by Everything Everywhere (yes that is the name of the company) and is set to be initiated in may meaning there isn't much longer to wait! Be ready for it because this means that we will all have faster connection to the world around us and better still we will go though data like crazy!

More awesome news for our final report this week and it's that a company in the UK has managed to make a printer that un-prints text! Now some of you might recall that Toshiba have a laser printer that can be erase but it requires special "e-blue" ink to work. This new technology works on pretty much any kind of printer and works by heating up the toner until it gets vaporised leaving only a faint outline which is pretty cool! This means that instead of recycling you just un-print paper and you can use it again!

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