Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Tech News Roundup

Well, The new iPad is looking pretty amazing wouldn't you say? The new iPad has many changes and is the main feature on this new Friday post: Friday Tech News Roundup.

So let's discuss the new iPad. Firstly it is called not the iPad 3 or the iPad HD it is "The New iPad" that is all that it has been referred to as. Secondly it has 1 million more pixels than a HD TV making the new iPad 2048X1536 pixels, a truly amazing image. The battery life is the same as the iPad 2 had at 10 hours and it has a new A5X quad-core processor. It has a new 5 mega pixel iSight (rear facing) camera capable of 1080p HD video and because of the fact it has 5 lenses one of which being an IR filter, Photos and videos will look truly amazing. Are you in America? If you are you will be able to get a version on the iPad with 4G LTE. They are also giving you a dictation feature but as far as I am aware, there will be no SIRI on the iPad.

Whilst they unveiled the iPad Apple decided to launch another product. The new Apple TV will get an A5 processor and will be able to handle 1080p resolution video. There will also be an accompanying software update so you can stream the 1080p Video.

Staying with Apple for one last piece of news (must have been a busy week for Apple). They have released IOS 5.1 with just mainly bug fixes but also has : Japanese SIRI support, permanent camera shortcut, face detection on camera shows all faces, new camera app for iPad and battery life fixes.

I think that's enough Apple news. Let's get onto something else and let's start with Google. Google have recently released their new service called Google Play. This is pretty much the IOS App Store but with music and movies in it too and not a separate store. This service is also an online service so you can view the full store on any web browser and the link is I used this service a little bit and I love how amazingly simple and multi-platform supported service this is and I think this will probably be a service to look out for as they also have their own version of iCloud.

That's about it this week so join us next Friday for another addition of the Friday Tech News Roundup!

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