Monday, March 19, 2012

Change is in the air!

Change can be good on the other hand, change can be bad and that's where you guys come in. Change is felt mostly by you people there sitting reading this right now. You people as the audience are the most effected and that's why this post is going to be about the changes coming over the next few weeks and some of the things you may not know we do already!

The first thing I'm going to tell you will be the most important and that is that SnappyTech News&Reviews is being renamed to "SnappyTech" this is to make way for a new feature which will be explained and the new banner will be put up at the same time as our new page which I'm about to announce so be patient.

Yes our new webpage, this page is to be called "SnappyServices" and will provide a list of trustworthy people you can turn to if you ever need anything done whether it be techy or not. Want to advertise on SnappyServices? Contact me at :

The final thing of the day is that we will be adding a "Contact Us" page over the next few days which is unrelated to everything else going on but if you ever need me, you will know where to go.

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