Monday, February 20, 2012

Why is Modern Warfare 3 Better than BattleField 3?

Before we start I want to say thank you to everyone that took a look at one of our blog posts or just this page as today we got over 1000 views!

This is the long running debate of MW3 VS. BF3. This, like most debates are subject to what you personally believe and today we are looking at why MW3 is better than BF3 with the help of everyone that was in the live vokle stream HERE. So we now have some points to go on and if you want to prove why the opposite is true this Friday at 7PM GMT we have another live show discussing the opposites click HERE to make your way there. As many points as possible are then published on the following Monday's post. So let's get get into it and reason number 1 (courtesy of (as with many of these points) )
"MW3 has more experience in the gaming industry and they have the COD series and BF started as a PC game that was moved to consoles to make more money."
 That is one of those points you cannot argue with as that is a fact and I feel that definitely give them a larger chance at creating a better game. Point to again thanks to  is that:
"The campaign is epic and has a good storyline."
That is down to personal opinion but a lot of people have been saying the BF3 storyline is confusing and completely different to the multiplayer experience. Point 3 again by  is:
"MW3 has better voice acting." and then @queenobossoyou added "and acting in general is better."
If you are unaware voice acting is how well synced the audio and mouth movement is and in MW3 it looks like the people are really talking. The way people are animated also makes it look more realistic. Another point courtesy of  is:
"BattleField 3 has more swearing in it."
This makes it less children friendly but then again this is a FPS and therefore you can't expect it to be swear-less but it does make the game slightly more repulsing. The next point again made by  was:
"You need an EA account to play BF3 online."
I know for a fact that having too many passwords or just logging onto stuff with a console is annoying  and I feel that's what making a new account does. We have few points left but the next one again by  (he did research before the show) was:
"MW3 features split screen and a much more exciting co-op mode"
You cannot argue against split screen and I believe that a good co-op is always fun as featured on Uncharted 3. The next point is courtesy of @itsmarchy :
"On PC MW3 has better [more realistic] graphics and although BF3 receives more frequent patches and updates but when MW3 gets one it is a major upgrade. Also you can't play BF3 on your own as it is too difficult."
I feel you can't argue with graphics I'm not sure how realism of graphics is measured but as I've seen and as mentioned before but I feel unless there is a problem with the game the rule "if it ain't broke don't fix it." and i feel the occasional update is good. As for having a companion to play with that could be fun.

Check back next Monday for the article on why BF3 is better that MW3

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