Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pocket Heat

So it seems that for every good app there are 100 bad ones and this is one of those. Pros: erm... well... I know! The app has nice-ish graphics. Cons: The app costs $0.99 (£0.69), the app does nothing, when the app did do something it would severely drain your battery life as it would use all of the available programs to heat up (but not damage) your device. Overall this is a waste of time which shouldn't really be on the app store for everyone's sake.
George's Rating: 2/10
Justin's Rating: 3/10
Overall Rating: 5/20


  1. Terrible app. My friend had a look at it after I showed her the review on Skype, she agreed that it truly is pointless. :D

  2. @mockingjay this is absolutely one of the most stupid apps i have ever seen. Also thanks for sharing the review and keep passing on the link!

  3. I guess some apps were made to rip people off.