Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lego Photo

Do you like LEGO? Do you like taking pictures? If so you will love this app. It turns any app of your choice into a photo made from pieces of LEGO and then you can change the colour of the lego to suit the picture best. Pros It has a very very easy to use interface, the app is FREE, it keeps young children busy for long periods of time when they change colours of the bricks. Cons unfortunately there are quite a few of these so there are few pictures that come out well, very few of the pictures are recognisable and there is a small amount of variety so it gets boring quite quickly. Overall I think it's a very good concept and very good for a free app but it needs to be worked on if it is to get and higher than what I think it deserves.
George's Rating: 5/10
Justin's Rating: 4/10
Overall Rating: 9/20

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